2020-2021 Boosters

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 that supports the Marine Corps JROTC program at Allen High School.  Our primary focus is to support the students and staff of this fantastic program.

Become a member of the AHS MCJROTC Boosters

1. Select Boosters dropdown menu item "Membership Dues"

2. Select which Boosters Membership you would like and pay online by selecting your membership option

3. Submit your information for membership using the Boosters dropdown menu item "Membership Information"

4. Click Fundraisers "Make a Donation" and pay your Booster Membership online.

5. Email to confirm you've completed all steps as a new Booster Member.






Communications & Historian

Volunteer Coordinator

Please send questions or suggestions for the MC JROTC Board.

Send program questions to instructors (see About tab for email addresses).