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Learn more about the Marine Corps Junior Officer Training Corps leadership in the program.

  • Course Requirements

  • Late or Missing Assignments

  • Grading Scale

  • Grading Make-up Work Due to Absence

  • Cadet Physical Assessment (CPA)

  • Participation in Physical Fitness

  • Uniforms

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • MCJROTC Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Honor Cords for Graduating Seniors

  • Community Service & Support to AHS


There are many benefits to the program. The most obvious is the leadership training. The self-confidence and discipline obtained will give the cadet a decided advantage, not only in high school, but in college, the job market, or if desired, when joining the military service. Some specific advantages are:

  • ROTC COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS- Chances for obtaining a college ROTC scholarship, worth approximately $250,000 are improved if a student has had MCJROTC. In addition, colleges may also give ROTC credit for MCJROTC, reducing the overall requirement for graduation.

  • AMERICAN LEGION SCHOLARSHIP - Two college bound cadets will be selected upon successful completion and the recommendations of the Marine Instructors, worth $750.

  • NAVAL ACADEMY NOMINATIONS- Each Senior Marine Instructor of the MCJROTC unit is allowed to nominate outstanding cadets for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. This privilege allows a cadet to circumvent competition with civilian applicants for the limited number of congressional appointments.

  • HIGHER RANK FOR ENLISTMENT- If a cadet decides to enlist directly into the armed forces following high school graduation, he or she enters at a higher rank by virtue of having completed at least three years of MCJROTC.

​Those Cadets who demonstrate a high degree of participation and leadership have the opportunity to earn a letter jacket after completing a year in the MCJROTC program. 

  • Involvement

  • Requirements

  • The Letter Jacket

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