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2018 Cadet Challenge Raised $2660 for the MCJROTC Program

Instructors and the MCJROTC Board are so grateful for the incredible fundraising efforts for the program. 

1st Place

Bravo $865

Leander Casenas

Colby Denham

Charlize Ellinger

Basia Figueroa 

Samantha Fitzgerald

Sarah Norton

Lilly Pietruszka

Madelyn Pietruszka

John Placente

Neil Sharma

2nd Place Charlie $635

James Bender

Mason Cazares

Haylee Cross

Mohamad, Hardi

Connor Hirst

Jeremy McNair

Stephen Thomas Walton


3rd Place Foxtrot $490

Evans (donation from Elizabeth Freeny)


Aidan McGlothlin

Timothy George

Eric Walters 

4th Place

Golf $295

Gustav Burwitz

Nate Dietz

Ethan Nguyen

Walker Phillips

5th Place Alpha $255

Matthew Clark

Sebastian Douglas

Braden Haskett

Ryan Suber

6th Place Echo $90

Brennan Olson

Gianna Rivera


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