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AHS Cadet Information

Resources and information for our cadets to utilize as they participate in the program.

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Annual Requirements

Complete Physical Evaluation

Required Annually.Complete after June 1st each school year.

A portion of the form must be filled in and signed by either a Physician, a Physician Assistant licensed by a State Board of Physician Assistant Examiners, a Registered Nurse recognized as an Advanced Practice Nurse by the Board of Nurse Examiners,
or a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Review Handbook

It is the Cadet's responsibility to honor and adhere to the AHS MCJROTC handbook guidelines.

Review annually to ensure understanding of expectation.

Submit Cadet Information

Form is to capture cadet contact and uniform size information.

As a Cadet-Led program, embrace the cadet's responsibility to communicate and be engaged.

  • GroupMe app download encouraged

Understanding MC JROTC Program

  • Marine Corps Junior Officer Training Corps is available to Allen HS Grades 9-12

  • Curriculum includes military skills, drill, academics and PT that rotates on a 2 week cycle

  • Cadet-Led Program:  Cadet Leadership executes with Instructor Supervision

    • Each class (Company) is led by Cadet Company Commanders and First Sergeants

    • Develops leadership and builds character. 

  • Become informed, patriotic, and responsible citizens. 

    • Develop responsible young adults who are physically, mentally, and morally fit. 

    • Develop informed and civic-minded young adults prepared for higher education, civilian careers, and public service. Instill discipline, respect, and responsibility through military-related subjects and activities. 

Cadet Expectations

  • Classroom AND Community Service hours expected 

  • Arrive ready to participate and engage

  • Stay informed of your expectations - see plan of the week.

  • Seek Improvement/Rank Advancement

  • Maintain Grooming Standards

  • Wear uniform once a week on specified days 

  • PT once every two weeks 

Grooming Standards

see Handbook for more info on all Grooming Standards.Your appearance and conduct should be impeccable while in uniform

Hair of male cadets:

  • Tapered in the back with sideburns no longer than the orifice of the ear, neatly trimmed.

  • Hair will not fall over the ears or eyebrows and the hair on top will not interfere with normal wear of the military cover.

  • Male cadets will always be clean-shaven except that a moustache may be worn if neatly trimmed.

Hair of female cadets:

  • When in uniform will be pinned and arranged so that it will not fall below the collar of the uniform being worn.

  • Hair will not be worn in such a way that the uniform cover cannot be worn properly.


  • All cadets will wear a uniform one day each week.

  • Cadets will be issued Utilities their first year

  • As cadets join teams and become more involved, they will earn Service Charlie, Deltas and Dress Blues.


Looking for more?

Cadet Opportunities

All Cadets are encouraged to participate in the program beyond the classroom.  

  • Fall Tryouts communicated by Leadership and Company Commanders

  • Once teams are formed practices are held before or after school 1-2 times per week.

  • Drill Competitions - 2-4 times per year (weekends)

  • Cadets who do not make the team are welcome at practices and to attend Drill Meets to cheer the team on

  • Chances for obtaining a college ROTC scholarship, worth approximately $250,000 are improved if a student has had MCJROTC. In addition, colleges may also give ROTC credit for MCJROTC, reducing the overall requirement for graduation

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Cadets who demonstrate a high degree of participation and leadership have the opportunity to earn a letter jacket after completing a year in the MCJROTC program. 

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