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AHS Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Syllabus

Program Goals

The Marine Corps JROTC at Allen High School aims to:

  • Develop leadership skills and build strong character in cadets.

  • Create informed, patriotic, and responsible citizens.

  • Prepare young men and women who are physically, mentally, and morally fit.

  • Foster responsible young adults ready for higher education, military service, or civilian careers.

  • Instill discipline, respect, and responsibility through military-related subjects and activities.

Program Overview

Marine Corps JROTC is a comprehensive four-year academic program designed to instill in high school students a value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of ethics and honor. The program is accredited by The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and does not obligate participation in military service.

Curriculum Structure

  • First-Year Cadets: Introduction to JROTC, basic military drills, physical fitness basics, and the core values of the Marine Corps.

  • Second-Year Cadets: Advanced drills, leadership theory, citizenship, and community service.

  • Third-Year Cadets: Focused leadership training, organizational skills, and preparation for senior responsibilities.
  • Fourth-Year Cadets: Execution of leadership roles, complex military strategies, and preparation for post-secondary pathways.

Leadership Education

Leadership classes are scheduled during 2nd and 5th periods for student Staff Officers who handle real roles in administrative and logistical tasks within the program. This hands-on approach is designed to instill a profound sense of responsibility and leadership acumen.

Course Requirements

  • Uniforms: Cadets must wear their uniforms once a week and maintain them in clean, serviceable condition. Inspections are weekly.

  • Physical Training: Participation in regular physical training sessions is mandatory, with assessments conducted biannually.

  • Academic Performance: Cadets are expected to maintain passing grades and complete all assignments on time. Leadership performance in assigned roles significantly influences grading.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Cadets have opportunities to participate in Aviation, Raiders, Marksmanship, Drill, Physical Fitness, and Cyber Patriot teams. Active involvement can lead to earning a letter jacket and other recognition.

Community Service

Cadets are required to engage in community service, contributing positively to Allen High School and the wider community. This service is crucial for advancement within the program.

Advancement Opportunities

Satisfactory completion of Marine Corps JROTC provides cadets with advantages such as potential nominations to service academies, eligibility for ROTC scholarships, and preferential consideration for advanced ranks if enlisting in the armed forces.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • LE I: Completion of eighth grade, enrolled in Allen High School.

  • LE II-IV: Successful completion of the previous level(s) and instructor recommendation.

Contact Information

For more information about the Allen High School Marine Corps JROTC Program or to enroll, please contact the Senior Marine Instructor at

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