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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can enroll in program?

Program is available for City of Allen, TX residents, grades 9-12

What academic credit will they receive on their report card?

This program is will fulfill a PE requirement credit. There are several opportunities for extra-curricular involvement and development .

Is this a military recruitment or career program?

No - The JROTC program exists to motivate students to become better citizens. Students enrolled in JROTC are NOT obligated or pressured to join the military. In fact, most students that participate in JROTC at AHS DO NOT go on to pursue a military career. 

JROTC does allow students to explore and pursue military careers, if desired. 

Is this a disciplinary program or remedial correction class?

No - JROTC is NOT a discipline program for struggling teens. It is a cadet led program that develops leadership skills. Lesson plans are executed by cadet leaders under the supervision of the instructors.

When can students enroll?

Enrollment into program is completed during Course Selection for Lowery Freshman Center and Allen High school. Any course selection changes should be addressed with Student''s Counselor.

If not enrolled in program, can they join an after school team?

Yes - students not enrolled in the course selection program, can participate in after school activities. They must still complete the Physical Form if in a competition team. To participate, student must request directly with the course instructor - Sgt. Major. Bruce Cole.

What is Cadet Summer Program?

Interested Students and New Cadets can get an early look into AHS MCJROTC during the summer. A Cadet Leadership staff introduce new cadets to the ROTC Program. Join our squad for drills, games, and basic intro into ROTC. Lunch provided. Not required to be in the ROTC program to join. Open to grades 8-12  Link to Register

Physical Form Required?

Yes - A Physical Form will be required annually. Ensure your cadet's physical evaluation form has been completed and uploaded into Skyward by the start of the school year.

Uniform Required/Cost?

Yes - this program does have curriculum involving uniform guidelines and expectations. Cadets will be in uniform at least once a week. This will be communicated via Plan of the Week. Most uniforms are provided free of cost for students. Cadets will be issued Utilities their first year. As cadets join teams and become more involved, they will earn Service Charlie, Deltas and Dress Blues.

Do they have to cut their hair?

Our program encourages cadets to follow grooming standards. These can be found in the handbook. Grooming standards are required to be met for competitive activities and teams.

What does Cadet-Let Program mean?

A Cadet-Led program empowers selected students to facilitate and execute the course curriculum, communication, and team building. These selected cadets have completed Cadet Leadership training  and receive instructor supervision from the course instructor. Course instructor will have a 'hands-off' approach to individual students, allowing the Leadership Cadet Staff to manage a majority of the program.

How can my student become apart of Cadet Leadership?

Leadership classes are scheduled during 2nd and 5th periods for student Staff Officers who handle real roles in administrative and logistical tasks within the program. This hands-on approach is designed to instill a profound sense of responsibility and leadership acumen.

Additionally, cadets that show exemplary understanding and commitment to the program may be selected for Leadership.

Is there a syllabus?

Yes - please see syllabus here

Outside of the classroom

Are service hours required to be/stay in the program?

No - not for general participation in program. However, there are many opportunities for service hours to be earned. Service hours are required for Letterman jacket to be earned.

Where/How do I log service hours?

Hours must be logged using the X2Vol program and approved by instructor.

Are competitions or football games attendance required?

No - JROTC cadets are encouraged to join and commit to teams, and to support our schools programs, however attendance outside of school hours are not required. If a student has made a commitment to a team, and does not attend sessions - they may lose their spot on that team.

What teams can cadets join?

How will cadets get to events?

In many cases, transportation is provided. Cadets will be informed when personal transportation is needed to an event.

What is a "cruise book"?

Essentially - a JROTC yearbook. To celebrate the cadets participation, activities, teams, volunteer work, and more - photographs and memorable moments are captured and curated annually. Cruise books purchase information can be found here.

Parents and families are able to purchase "ad" space to further celebrate their individual cadet.

What are JROTC Boosters?

Boosters are parents and families who show support to our cadets via membership donations, volunteering, and board membership. See booster page

What is the Birthday Ball?

Allen High school participates in Annual Marine Corps Ball. Known as the Birthday Ball, this event is celebrated by Marine Corps personnel around the globe.  More information can be found here.


Formal Attire for all guests. Ladies, please wear dresses below the knee.  Gentlemen may wear button down shirts with slacks or suits. (Cadets may wear Dress Blue: Bravos if they have been issued).


What is a "challenge coin"?

Challenge coins are small, metal coins that fit in the palm of your hand. Challenge coins represent organizations, units, and teams.


Challenge coins are also often presented to individuals who display exemplary work or achievement. AHS booster memberships include one challenge coin  - so you can award to a cadet who demonstrates excellence during their program.


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