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Get Involved

The success of the Allen High school Marine Corp JROTC Program relies on the commitment and engagement of our communities, cadets and their families. Learn how you can support your cadet here

To stay up to date on your cadet:

Weekly emails will be sent to AISD Skyward parent/guardians with plan of the week information.


As a Cadet-Led program, we embrace the cadet's responsibility to communicate and be engaged. As a family member, encourage self-driven accountability and success. See their handbook and cadet information page here.

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Stay Connected

on Social Media

AHS cadets are engaged and supported by the community. Please follow their stories, commitments, and experiences via social media. Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter)



The AHS MCJROTC Booster members and leaders are a big part in ensuring the cadets are funded, equipped, and supported for a great experience. Join today.

Non-profit 501(c)3 program at Allen High School.

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Fundraise, Donate, and Support

  • Order your CruiseBook. Details communicated in Spring

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